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I have a small job – do you do that?
Yes. Unlike some other janitorial companies we do smaller jobs as infrequently as monthly.
Call us and we can give you a ballpark price.

Do you work at night or during the day?
We do both. We can service an account after hours with a key or during the day when you
are there.

Do you provide one time service only?
Yes. We do deep clean and floor work on a one time or occasional basis.

Can I get a Certificate of Insurance?
Yes. We can provide you a certificate of insurance specific to your company so you know
you do not have the liability for your cleaning.

Price is the most important thing to me. Are you the low cost provider?
We are not the low cost provider. We provide a quality service and we pay our employees
above market rate to keep consistency, reliability and quality on every clean.

Do you supply paper products for the bathrooms?
Yes, we can provide your paper products. We bid the job with and without paper so you
can make an informed decision.

Do you require contracts?
For larger jobs we do have annual contracts with a 30-day cancellation clause. This helps us
better plan our labor utilization.

Do I pay for each clean?
We will bill you either per service or monthly – your preference.   You can mail your payment
or pay via credit card or PayPal on our website.